iOS App Updates - Version 2.0

This update to the VoiceThread iOS Mobile App includes exciting new features and enhancements. VoiceThreading on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch has never been better!

Watch the video above and leave a comment to tell us what you think!

Simplified navigation

Tabs have been reorganized and reduced to allow simpler navigation to the parts of VoiceThread you use most often.

Secure sharing with Groups

Share your VoiceThreads securely with any of your existing Groups.

Sharing via SMS

Share the link to your VoiceThread in a text message.

Sharing via Twitter

If you have Twitter enabled on your device, tweet a link to your VoiceThread instantly.

Integrated quick search

You can now search any of your VoiceThread lists just by typing in a few letters at the top. This will make finding your VoiceThreads much easier and faster.

assistance

VoiceThread can now read the email address being entered at sign-in and smartly inform the member where they should go to sign in properly. This greatly improves the experience for those using their mobile devices (and for those that manage them).
*Requires proper configuration – contact us for details.

Simplified sign-in for K-12

K-12 students using fictitious VoiceThread email addresses can now sign into their accounts using their usernames instead of their addresses. This is great for those students, but also for those who are responsible for getting them all signed in and working.

Improved Doodling

A new toggle button allows you to decide whether you want your Doodles to fade over time or remain on the slide for the duration of your comment. This allows you to choose whether the annotations behave like a pointing device or like a pen.

Enhanced stability

We’ve introduced a number of fixes and enhancements that will make the App quicker and more stable overall.

Native camera support

The camera interface is now iOS native, which means it uses the same interface as the iOS camera app, including the flash and autofocus.

Activity view

One-tap access to recent comments is now available in the redesigned Activity tab, and those comments are also listed on each VoiceThread page as well. Whether you want to see all recent activity on the Activity tab or just the recent comments in a single VoiceThread, both views are easy to access.

Support for iOS 7

The App is now ready and waiting for iOS 7, so feel free to indulge your need to be an early adopter of this next version of iOS.

Click here for more information about using the App.